Current & Past Projects

Black Creek Hydroelectric


Black Creek Hydro is located in North Bend, WA. Tollhouse is operating and  maintaining the 4 MW facility. The project operates as a run of-river facility, certified by the Low Impact Hydropower Institute.  

Electron Hydroelectric


Constructed in 1903, the Electron Hydroelectric Project diverts water from the Puyallup River into a ten mile long wooden flume. The water then empties into a reservoir, travels down four penstocks, and into a powerhouse. Visit Electron Hydro's website for more information.

Smith Creek Hydroelectric


The project includes a 12 foot-high, 95 foot wide diversion dam with 3 sluice gates, trashrack, and fish ladder at elevation 3,440 feet msl. An intake structure connects to an approximately 27,400 foot-long buried steel penstock that necks from 72-inches down to 57-inches in diameter. Smith Creek Hydro is Tollhouse's newest acquisition.

Deadwood Creek Hydroelectric


Deadwood Creek is a run-of-river project located approximately one hour east of Yuba City near the Strawberry Valley of California. The facility features a Pelton wheel runner and single generator.

Gibson Dam Hydroelectric


The Gibson Dam is located in the Sun River Valley of Montana. The proposed hydropower project is in the planning and licensing phase. Visit Gibson Dam Hydro's website for more information.

Goat Lake Hydroelectric


Whitewater Engineering Corporation provided design and construction services to Alaska Power & Telephone for the 4.3 MW hydroelectric project near Skagway, Alaska. The project generates 12.7 average annual GWh of renewable energy and is certified by the Low Impact Hydropower Institute. 

Young's Creek Hydroelectric


Tollhouse Energy Company provided machinery installation services under a subcontract to TEK Construction for the 7.5 MW project located in Snohomish County in Western Washington. The project owner is Snohomish County PUD.

Black Bear Lake Hydroelectric


Whitewater Engineering provided design and construction services to Alaska Power & Telephone for the 4.5 MW hydroelectric project on Prince of Wales Island, near Craig, Alaska. The project generates 23 average annual GWh of renewable energy and is certified by the Low Impact Hydropower Institute.      

Humpback Creek Hydroelectric


The 1.2 MW hydroelectric project was designed and started by others. Tollhouse provided force account project management and construction supervision to complete the $6,500,000 project in Cordova, Alaska.

Power Creek Hydroelectric


Tollhouse provided full turn-key services to Cordova Electric Cooperative to license, design, and construct the 6.0 MW Power Creek hydroelectric project near Cordova Alaska. The project has the capacity to generate 30 average annual GWh of renewable energy.

Nexans Norway A/S


The San Juan Cable #5 Project is a 69kV, 6 mile long submarine transmission cable located in Puget Sound between Anacortes and Lopez Island, Washington. The cable is owned by the Bonneville Power Administration and provides additional electrical capacity and reliability, with a fiber optic link for the San Juan Islands.

138 kV Tyee Transmission Line


This project included construction of micro pile foundations for new transmission line towers, placement of new towers via helicopter, tensioning of existing conductors, including new connections, and the installation of 49 helicopter pads. The project spanned 49 miles across three different islands in a remote part of Southeast Alaska.